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What is the best way to Earn Money from Internet in Sri Lanka.
In Sri Lanka there are many ways to earn money from Internet. Most of them are very risky like forex trading and other online trading. Obtaining projects also from freelancer website is also not easy. There are many racketeer also in Sri Lanka saying that they will teach how to earn 30,000, 100,000 per month like that. These most courses are fake.

For the Sri Lankan the best way to earn money from Internet is online advertising. To start this method you have to have a good website with good number of visitors per day. This is bit hard at the earlier time but if you continue your website about 01 year with updated post every day you will have a good website at the end. To do this you have to learn web design and SEO. This SEO part you can earn through online free of charges. There are many good details are available in Internet for SEO.
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